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Professional Camera Systems

In the unfortunate event that a crime is committed on your property, video footage can be critical for identifying the offender. City Locksmithing & Security provides installation and maintenance of camera systems. With cutting-edge technology and a range of security cameras, you get to choose the options for picture quality, storage capacity, wired or wireless, built-in analytics, lens type, and much more. Our video surveillance experts will be happy to design your system layout and recommend the best products for your needs and budget. For more information on security cameras and other equipment we offer, give us a call.

Benefits of Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems have several advantages, such as:

Facility protection
Vandalism deterrence
Two-way voice
Motion notifications
3rd party monitoring
Loss prevention
Reduce the need for hiring additional security personnel
Live view check-ins
View from the mobile app

Video Surveillance Solutions

We specialize in a variety of security camera applications, including:

Livestock monitoring
Liquor and cannabis retailers
Remote location monitoring

Payment Plans Available

We offer options for financing.

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