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Life Safety Solutions

At City Locksmithing & Security, our life safety systems reduce the potential risks to the ones you care about.

Life Safety Systems

Life safety systems for our customers include:

  • Mobile Medical Alert

It is intended for use by seniors or individuals living with disabilities. Your loved one is equipped with a water proof panic button that also has built in fall detection, GPS, and two-way-voice - you can rest assured help is available 24/7. Our Canada wide coverage means they are protected anywhere they go. Available to ship or pick up in store.


  • Lone Worker Safety

Protect your employees with the award-winning Solo Protect - powered by Securtek. This is ideal for oil and gas workers. This portable device has many built-in features such as GPS, two-way-voice, panic and fall detection. Shipping is available for this device.


  • Wellness Automation

Our wellness package includes a suite of devices to monitor your loved one’s health and safety. This system can include a fall detector, panic button, stationary emergency button, intrusion sensors, environment sensors, and a wellness camera. The automated system will recognize unusual activities and alert you when something is out of the ordinary.

Secure the Ones You Care For

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