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Customized Alarm Systems

Our team will help you choose a package to suit your needs and budget. Whether it is a residential space or a commercial property, alarm systems installed and serviced by City Locksmithing & Security will avert possible disasters by alerting the occupants and emergency services. We can customize the entire system to your preferences and ensure proper monitoring and detection of threats. We take our jobs seriously in providing you with the best-fitted security system to protect your family, your business, and your assets. If you already have a system through another provider, we invite you to stop by our store to discuss the benefits of switching to us for local service and upgraded equipment. 

Safety Measures

Our alarm systems are customized for:

Smoke/fire detection
Receiving video notifications
Flood detection
Intrusion detection
Carbon monoxide detection
Providing video look-in
Low-temperature detection
Smart home automation

SecurTek Monitoring Solutions

SecurTek offers monitoring and dispatch services 24/7 for thousands of families and businesses across Canada. For their exceptional service, Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) has awarded them the Five Diamond Certification Status. At City Locksmithing & Security, we are proud to be an authorized dealer of SecurTek.


Interactive/Automation Services

From your mobile device, you have the ability to:

Arm and disarm your security system
Be alerted of a security event
Access live or recorded video
Turn lighting on and off
Engage security locks
Change indoor air temperature
Two-way voice
Crash and smash protection
Video analytics technology
ULC certified monitoring
Wireless signal forwarding
User code control

Commercial Alarm Systems

Having a security system in your office or other commercial spaces can reduce your risk of burglary by up to 60 percent. With our customized alarm systems, you can take advantage of our monitoring solutions and protect your business. Our comprehensive suite of alarm systems not only prevent intrusion but also aid in fire protection and access control, from door sensors and motion detectors to sirens and panic buttons.

Benefits of Commercial Alarm Systems

User code control
Notified if opened/closed late
Access control for keyless entry
Remote arming/disarming
Employee safety

Residential Alarm Systems

We specialize in smart home security integrations. Your security package can be as basic or as high tech as you like. We know you will feel peace of mind when your home is protected 24/7 with the included siren, professional monitoring, and mobile app interactive features. Our systems are available to both urban and rural clients with unique applications designed for your specific property. From glass break detectors and driveway alerts to smart home devices and cameras.

Benefits of Residential Alarm Systems

  • Arming reminders

  • Know if your children got home safe from school

  • Arm/disarm from the mobile app

  • Remotely control smart home devices

  • See visitors from the doorbell camera

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