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Security Tips for You and Your Property in Lloydminster

The security solutions implemented by City Locksmithing & Security ensure maximum safety and protection to your property. As professionals with years of experience in the security business, we believe that customers should be aware of certain security tips. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner in Lloydminster, our security tips will help you employ better safety precautions. For more information on security tips and guidelines, contact us.

Tips for Safety and Security

Some of the tips that prevent threats like theft, intrusion and burglary include:

66% of break-in’s are forced entry and forced entry attempts
Burglary is the most feared property crime
The average loss from a burglary is $2799
Break-in occur in all areas of the city
Most home break-ins occur when you are at work or travelling (daytime)
Most business break-ins occur when you are at home (evening and weekends)
98% of break-in occurs through front doors and windows (often unlocked)
Thieves target the master bedroom
87% of burglaries are considered preventable

Tips to Prevent Burglary

Burglaries can be prevented by following tips such as:

Create the illusion that someone is at your house
Make sure exterior doors have reliable locks
Always look before opening doors
Don’t leave extra keys under doormats
Keep drapes and blinds shut

Call for Emergency Service

Available 24/7 for emergency repairs.

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