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City Locksmithing & Security: Keyless Entry

One of the best benefits of keyless entry is that it can stop trouble before it even starts. You will no longer run the risk of losing keys or having keys stolen or copied. Typically you will unlock your door by using a pass code or access card. If you have an employee who no longer needs access to a building, you can change their code or delete their user card without any hassle. 

 Some of our digital locks and card access systems can tie into our monitored alarm systems and video surveillance. 

Products for both residential and commercial.

Our Emtek digital deadbolts include FREE lifetime warranty. Batteries typically last up to 3 years! *This lock doesn't freeze up in the winter.

Various finish colours available.

Some of our locks can be controlled remotely from your mobile devices.

Keyless locks can be purchased in store and installed yourself, or you can give us a call to schedule an installation appointment with one of our locksmiths.

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